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    Welcome toPuyang Chengke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Official website!  English |  簡體中文
    • CK-APP101


    • CK-APP102 Melam

      CK-APP102 Melam

    • CK-APP103 silic

      CK-APP103 silic

    • CK-APP105 epoxy

      CK-APP105 epoxy

    • Modified APP-10

      Modified APP-10

    • CK-MPP melamine

      CK-MPP melamine

    • CK-PN201 haloge

      CK-PN201 haloge

    • Epoxy resin spe

      Epoxy resin spe

    StrongProduction Strength
    The company is equipped with the production equipment needed by the industry, which is complete, partly imported from abroad, and partly high-quality equipment, facilities and automation of well-known domestic enterprises.
    Advancedmanagement philosophy
    Enterprise people-oriented, personnel with both moral and talent, humanized management, institutionalized requirements, so that personnel and personnel in a good working atmosphere, efficient, rigorous and pleasant work
    CeaselessTechnological innovation
    Continuous improvement and innovation in the original products, as well as in the production industry and process, make the product quality, cost-effective, more energy-saving, environmental protection and efficient.
    RapidAfter-sale service
    The company is specially equipped with professional after-sales service team and vehicles, personnel engaged in after-sales service for more than 10 years, highly professional, highly experienced, can be very professional, quickly provide technical support and services to customers.
    • Company news
    • Industry information

    • 火災發生時,含鹵阻燃材料在阻燃過程中會產生大量的煙霧和有毒的腐蝕性鹵化氫氣體,造成成二次危害?!?/p>

    • 以市場為中心,以優質的產品和優質的服務為基本點,用戶的滿意就是我們的服務標準?!?/p>

    • 文明每一天,關愛每個人?!?/p>

    • 愛國先愛廠,做事先做人?!?/p>

    • 把企業置入綠色?!?/p>